For this episode I talked to Allegra who is studying Opticianry (or how to be a pharmacist for your eye). She tells us why we should not buy glasses online, why math is our friend, and how there's a lot more to glasses and vision than you might think. Allegra tells me that Opticianry is very close to being a STEM field.

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Episode Length: 1:04:37
Theme Music: "Noise in my Head" by Clarknova
Intro Music: "I can see clearly now" by Jimmy Cliff
Outro Music: "In the Beginning..." by Adam Emanon

Links and Resources:

Opticianry Course Listing at Seneca College
"In the OPTC program, you’ll acquire the specialized knowledge and skills required to safely and competently dispense subnormal vision devices, contact lenses and eye glasses. You’ll also learn the basic science of sight and optics, and develop practical spectacle fabrication and dispensing skills."

Additional Reading:
"Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome" (light sensitivity) -
F.lux app for desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone - adjusts your screen's colour to reduce harsh blue spectrum light that keeps you awake after sunset -

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