Episode 3 (my first on location record), features Jason Holborn, a screenwriter who used to eat ALOT of sugar and then discovered how unhealthy it is, and after some trial and error, kicked the habit, to the point of going over 100 days without any processed/refined sugars. This is his story.

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During the interview, I ask Jason questions from this list:
1. What brought you to the point of making a serious effort to kick sugar?
2. Did you quit eating ALL sugar, or just processed/refined sugar?
3. What was the hardest part?
4. Have you saved money since you made the change?
5. Have you converted/convinced anyone else to do the same?
6. Have you noticed you feel better/more energetic or that you sleep better now?
7. How do you avoid sugar when you go out on the town?
8. Tips or resources?
Jason’s kind response to my interview
Sugar - The Bitter Truth video:

"The Science of Sweetness":

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