John and Thomas of GreenScience Technologies talk about what their company does, why they do it and what the future may hold in the realm of processing organic consumer waste.

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Recently I visited GreenScience Technologies’ home base in Etobicoke, where I had a tour and a sit down interview with founder John Ashbee and COO Thomas Christiansen.

We talked about why they started the company, John provides some insight into the physics and economics of recycling and landfills, Thomas talks about the urban farm they operate onsite, John explains what a worm casting is, Thomas explains what the biggest misconception is of their business, John talks about the patented technology that they use in their process and how they found the right investors for the corporation.



Vineland Research Station
Change Canada
Daily Bread Food Bank

"The Power of Community" (book/documentary about Cuba’s urban farming)
"Confronting Collapse" by Michael Ruppert
"30 Days" (TV Show produced by Morgan Spurloch)
Sweden and Norway both “too efficient” at disposing of waste/recycling, forced to import from other countries to fill their capacity

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