Heather meets with me at LLC HQ to talk about how these two companies got started and her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who might want to follow in her footsteps.

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I first met Heather a few years ago when she worked at Drake International. She was running a job search workshop that I attended. We connected on Linked-In and now a few years later I stumbled back upon her profile. I was very excited to see what she was up to and wanted to talk to her about it.

The interview went really well, I almost didn’t even need to ask any prepared questions as Heather was very articulate and insightful. She made it very easy and I can’t thank her enough. Her story is both interesting and inspiring and she gave some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
It was my pleasure to interview Heather and I hope the connect as many interested parties with her as possible to help make Ladies Learning Code and Hacker You a great success.
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